Protect Your Gums at Sunridge & Skyview Ranch

There’s more to taking care of your family’s oral health than your teeth, the surrounding structure needs attention too. At Sunridge and Skyview, we have a strong periodontal program for all our patients.

We offer all services in treating and preventing gingivitis and periodontitis. This can include non-surgical treatment, extensive ultrasonic and/or hand scaling, and surgical treatment provided by our general dentists. We provide regular examination of your gums with a periodontal probe. If periodontal disease is diagnosed our office provides several types of treatment.

Periodontal Program & Hygiene Department
Proper hygiene is important not only for combating issues like cavities, but for preventing gum disease.

Smoking Cessation Program
Also available at both Sunridge Dental and Skyview Ranch Dental is our smoking cessation program. If you need help quitting, please consider joining and contact us for more details.